Our Ferrets are Fixed & Descented

Ferrets are lovable, friendly, playful little animals. If you keep a single Ferret, it will get lonely. Being very curious, they need attention and lots of toys. A sleeping Ferret may seem like a dead Ferret, because its body temperature drops considerably. Waking up Ferrets shiver terribly to bring up the temperature.


Common Names: Bourke Parakeet, Bourke Grass Keet, Opaline Parakeet

Size: The average size for this species is 71/2 inches (19cm).
Compatibility: Bourkes are very peaceful and can be kept in an aviary with other peaceful species such as Splendids, Socities and other peaceful finches.
Personality: This species is not very flighty being most active at dawn and dusk. They are social and do enjoy the company of other birds or people. Young handfed birds make excellent pets


Date of birth: 5-18 months old

In general cockatiels are sweet-tempered, a tame cockatiel will often love to do things like: take showers with you, wolf-whistle, eat off your plate, demand head rubs, and in general make cute noises and ask to be picked up and played with. These birds are generally quiet and clean.