Crimson Day Gecko

The large size and bright colors of Phelsuma grandis give these geckos their two common names: the crimson day gecko and the giant day gecko. This arboreal species lives in humid forests in northern Madagascar. The general nature of these geckos is to be flighty, quick, and they do not generally enjoy being handled. They are great as display animals, but are generally considered a pet for more experienced reptiles enthusiasts.

As an arboreal species, these geckos prefer an environment that includes pieces of cork bark, branches, large bamboo sticks, and plants to ensure they have areas to hide. They also require plenty of climbing material in order to thrive in captivity. Their environment should be maintained at temperatures of 75-80F, which includes a basking area heated to 85-90F. As with all day geckos, a UVB light is recommended for no less than 12 hours per day, to be shut off completely at night. The humidity should remain around 60-70%, including daily misting, to keep the substrate moist and maintain higher humidity within the enclosure. It is almost important to ensure their is enough ventilation to allow some of the moisture to evaporate throughout the day.

Giant day geckos are omnivorous, with a staple diet of crickets and mixed greens and gecko diet mix. The general rule for insect size if is to only offer those whose length does not exceed the space in between the gecko’s eyes. As they grow older they can of course accept larger crickets and Black Soldier Fly Larvae, with the occasional treat of waxworms.


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