Pet & Feed Store in Silverdale, WA

Established in 1977, Farmland Pets and Feed in Silverdale, WA has grown with the community, yet remains a family owned and operated business offering every customer individualized service and attention. Visit us today and experience the Farmland difference! We have a large inventory of everything you could need and more. If we do not have it in store, we will order for you and have it shipped.

If we don’t have it and can’t order it, you don’t need it!


Chickens and Rabbits for Sale in Silverdale, WA

We stock all your supplies for chickens here at Farmland Pets & Feed in Silverdale, WA. We carry Rhode Island Red Pullets, Barred Rock Pullets, White Leghorn Pullets, Bantam Assorted Straight Run, Dominque Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets, Ancona Pullets, Blue Andalusian Pullets, Hamburg Gold Pullets, Hamburg Silver Pullets, and more (available starting in February)

Call us: 360-692-0415
First Poultry of this year come Friday January 31st

Call us to see what we currently have available! Or check the chicken page for the updated listings.

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Come in to see our wide selection of tarantulas, scorpions and other invertebrates and talk to our expect staff about bio-active enclosure options.

Horse Supplies in Silverdale, WA

  • Western Saddles
  • English Saddles
  • Complete Selection of Tack
  • Leads & Blankets
  • Protective Boots
  • Medications & Treatments
  • Much Much More!

Closeouts in Silverdale, WA

Farmland Pets and Feed in Silverdale, WA offer a wide selection of items for Sale....all at SUPER LOW prices. The offerings listed here will change every week, so check back often!

Please contact us for more information to purchase any of the items listed below.

Fish and Aquariums in Silverdale, WA

Aquariums in stock! We carry a wide selection of Fish & Accessories

Exotic Animals for Sale in Silverdale, WA

Exotics Galore! We Stock a wide selection of Birds, Reptiles and Ferrets & Accessories at Farmland Pets and Feed in Silverdale, WA 
Complete Selection of Aviary Supplies including feed & seed, cages, accessories and more

Farming Supplies in Silverdale, WA

Farmland Pets and Feed in Silverdale, WA has a large inventory of materials for fencing, stalls, and barn metal
If we do not have it in stock, we can order anything you need.