Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs are frogs of the Dendrobatid group. Colombian Indians utilize the 3 species of poison dart frogs to poison arrows for hunting. Some of these frogs are extremely poisonous in the wild, but lose much of their toxicity when kept in captivity due to the change in their diet. In the wild, the frogs eat ants that eat poisonous plants, while in captivity they don’t get to eat these ants. In captivity, poison dart frogs are harmless. These frogs range in adult size from 2 and half inches to some that never get bigger than your thumbnail! These frogs can enjoy a long life (there are reports of these frogs living for over 20 years in captivity). As long as a few things are kept in mind when you are planning the acquisition of your new pets, Poison Dart Frogs make great pets.


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