Upcoming Puppies!

 Click here for a list of what puppies we are getting in the near future!
Note* If a puppy has SPO, it is already spoken for and has a deposit.

  • M Goldendoodle
  • M Golden
  • M Papillon
  • F Shiba SPO June 4th
  • M Shorkie Tzu
  • F Silky
  • M Swheat-N-Poo
  • F Cavanese
  • M Scottie
  • F Aussie
  • M Beagle
  • F Cocker
  • M Keeshond SPO June 11th
  • M Lab
  • F Sheltie
  • M Yorkie SPO
  • F Schnauzer
  • M German Shepherd
  • F German Shepherd
  • F Husky
  • F Lhasa-poo June 18th
  • M Sheltie
  • F Yorkie
  • F Keeshond
  • F Cock-a-poo
  • M Goldendoodle
  • F Goldendoodle June 25th
  • M Scottie
  • M Shiba


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